Where It all started…

In her junior years Danielle was the athlete ranking 24th out of 26 competitors. Although said to have had a lot of potential, Danielle often doubted whether she would ever achieve her dreams and often looked to older athletes for inspiration, guidance and advice. After 16 years training and competing in the sport Danielle wanted to find a way to help those athletes not too dissimilar to herself who have a dream and need a little guiding hand to achieve it.

The Shooting Stars Program is a yearlong scholarship that aims to provide mentoring and guidance for young athletes who have those intangible qualities that are seen in a champion in the making. 


What Athletes Can Expect

The duration of the Shooting Stars Mentor Program will be 12 months. Recipients will engage with Danielle for four sessions via Skype or in person (dependent on location) throughout the year. Recipients will also receive a Mentoring work booklet, containing outlined sessions, expectations and self reflection. Danielle will provide a safe space for athletes to engage and ask questions.


Eligibility & Criteria

  • Nominees are between the ages 12 - 18 Years in the year of application

  • Nominees are competing or preparing to compete in Sub- Junior, Pre-Junior, Junior Int & Senior Int


Meet the 2018 Shooting Stars Recipients!

Georgia Conway - Le Ray Gymnastics Academy, NSW

Tahlya Smith - Elementz, ACT

Jordana Shillington, Vital Rhythmic Gymnastics, WA

Georgia Conway.jpg
Jordana Shillington.jpg